Basic Sublimation Supplies

A lot of times we tend to talk about the big ticket items on this blog, for a couple of reasons.  One the big ticket items generally bring in more profit and making a profit is what keeps us in business.  Two,  writing about the smaller, incidental items wouldn’t be that interesting, or that easy,  if I did it all the time.  There’s only so much that can be said about heat tape or waste ink collectors or pyrometers before the subject becomes boring.  Still, those things are items that can help make your sublimation or ChromaBlast experience more successful,  so they do deserve a mention, and that’s the purpose of today’s post.

First, let’s start with heat tape.    If you sublimate mugs or anything with a curve,  heat tape is a necessity.  You can use it to keep your transfer in place, reducing the risk of slippage.   Our heat tape is durable and resists curling.  There are also quantity price breaks,  so the more you buy, the more you save.  If you use a lot of heat tape,  you may also want to take a look at our heat tape dispenser.

Second,  we shouldn’t forget to mention sublimation wraps.   Curved items like bowls or mugs or shot glasses won’t work with a regular flat press.     You could purchase a mug press for use with mugs,   or you could use wraps and sublimate the items in question using an oven.   EnMart offers wraps for shot glassesmugs and bowls.

Third on the list is the Quick Connect systems we offer for the Epson printers.    You can purchase a Quick Connect system for either the Epson 1100 or the Epson 1400.   These systems are hardware only and use high capacity ink refill bags.

Fourth is the Waste Ink Collector tanks for the Ricoh GX e3300N and the Ricoh GX 7000.   The Ricoh printers use self cleaning cycles to keep the heads clean and the printer running smoothly.  Eventually the waste tank in the unit will become full.  These tanks can be used to replace the original tank when that happens.

Fifth,  we have Teflon sheets, which are a necessity for anyone who uses a heat press.  Use the Teflon sheets to keep the upper platen clean and to protect any textiles you press from dirt.  Our standard Teflon sheets come in 16 x 20 sheets,  but can be cut to order upon request.

Finally, we can’t forget the digital pyrometer I mentioned in the beginning paragraph of this post.   If you use a heat press, a digital pyrometer is a must have item.    The Digital Knight Pyrometer and Surface Probe allows you to get accurate temperature readings from your press, so you’ll always know just where you heat platen is and what it’s doing.   It will also help you avoid the headaches of dealing with uneven press temperatures.