Why We Use (and Sell) Geo. Knight Heat Presses

Anyone who does sublimation or ChromaBlast will need a heat press, that’s a given.  The problem is that there are a lot of heat presses out there from which to choose.   From the cheap models sold by unknown companies on eBay,  to the name brands sold by a variety of well known companies,  it is sometimes hard to know which model of heat press to buy, and what type of heat press will work best for your needs.

EnMart’s parent company, Ensign Emblem,  has used Geo. Knight heat presses in all of our locations for a number of years.  After testing a variety of presses,  we settled on Geo. Knight presses because they are durable and consistent.  We’ve used them for heat sealing emblems, for sublimating patches and for other jobs.  The presses have worked well and provided years of good service.  We’re so confident in these presses it only made sense we would become a distributor when EnMart was formed.

Since we know the presses, we feel qualified to recommend them, and give advice on what sort of press might be useful to our various customers.  One of the main things to consider is the type of goods which you will be pressing.   If you intend to press only flat goods,  like t-shirts or license plates,  a clamshell press may suit your needs admirably.    The Knight clamshell heat presses that EnMart offers are designed with heavy steel welded structures,  but still offer low – weight portability.  The press opens widely and lifts up far away from the rear of the pad, so your hands are safe from the heat.    The smooth gas shock lift makes it easy to operate.   You can also add an auto pop-up feature which opens the press automatically at the end of the heat cycle.

If you are interested in pressing a wider variety of goods, or if your heat press is constantly in use,  a swingaway press may be a better option for you.   The Knight Digital Swinger presses can accommodate material of larger sizes and thicknesses than the clamshell presses, and can be less tiring to operate than a manual heat press.    The Geo. Knight Swinger presses use SuperCoil-Microwinding heater technology,  which provides fast heat up times,  even heating and fast recovery.    If your shop is a busy one,  a Knight Digital Swinger press is a good investment.

Another thing worth considering if you do sublimation is the Knight DC series presses.   These presses come available with attachments which are perfect for sublimation.   If you want to sublimate caps, mugs or plates this press may well be the perfect option for you.   There is also a Twin Shuttle Attachment available for the DC series presses,  which would be perfect for quicker pressing of flat goods.

When you purchase your heat press,  you should also remember to add a digital pyrometer and surface probe to your order.   This tool provides a way to determine the exact temperature of your heat press, based on contact with the heat press, not on infared readings.    If you’ve been having issues with hot or cool spots,  or if your heat press has been producing uneven results,  a digital pyrometer can help you diagnose the cause and find a solution.