White Paper and What You Make of It

I have to admit,  I’m long past the days of sitting in front of  a blank piece of paper with a pen waiting for inspiration to strike.  Nowdays I sit in front of a computer screen looking at a blank white square with a blinking cursor,  both waiting to be used to create a blog post, or a piece of collateral material or whatever else I may want to create.   My mind conceives,  my hands do the work, and the end product is something more than the white space, whether paper or programmed, where everything started.

While it’s true that everything combines to create something bigger than the sum of the parts,   that doesn’t make the parts inconsequential.  The right ingredients matter.  Your white paper,  whether computer generated or an actual piece of paper,  needs to be quality stuff,  which will work well for the purpose to which you are to put it.   You have to have experience and knowledge of how to use the supplies you are given,  whether those supplies are things like words and ideas,  or ink and printers. Finally,  you have to have the courage to take the leap between where you are and where you envision you could be.   After all blank paper and unused supplies don’t really amount to anything.  It’s what you do with those things that gives them meaning.

Sublimation starts with a piece of blank paper,  or a blank white surface of a mug or a mousepad,  and an idea.  The idea may be an abstract design,  a photograph,  or simply a logo or name.   When these things are combined,  the end result is a product that can be sold,  which might become a sign for someone’s shop or a keepsake on someone’s mantel.  The magic ingredient that changes the blank white space into something special is your imagination,  your knowledge and your willingness to try something new.

If you’re starting out,  looking at the white paper or the white sublimation blank may seem a little overwhelming,  but really all you’re looking at is a blank slate that is waiting for you to leave your mark.  We know that leaving your mark can seem like an intimidating thing to do,  or that you may think you need more knowledge before you make an attempt, and that’s why we’re here to help.  Whether it’s guiding you to the right resource,  or sharing with you some of our own knowledge and expertise,  we’ll be happy to help you find the assistance  and knowledge you need.

It all starts with a blank sheet of paper.  Where it ends is up to you.