Four Sublimation Resolutions

Since it’s the week before Christmas and New Years,  I thought it would be a good time to write about some of the sublimation resolutions that people who own sublimation systems could make for 2012.    If you currently own a sublimation system,  you might consider adding one of these resolutions to your list.

Resolution 1:  I will take the system out of the box –  I know,  for some people,  the whole sublimation process can be intimidating.   Trying something new is always a little alarming,  but the reality is that there isn’t a lot of harm you can do here.  At worst,  you’ll waste a little ink and some supplies,  which isn’t the end of the world.    The only way to get better at something is to accept that you might screw up a little at first.   The only way to get better at sublimation is to give it a try, ask lots of questions and accept that a few things will end up on the reject shelf.   The only way you’re sure to never get better at sublimation is if you leave the printer in the box.

Resolution 2:  I will sublimate something new – Many people buy their sublimation system with a specific product in mind.  Maybe it’s mousepads or t-shirts or mugs,  but that one product is the product on which they focus.  There is certainly nothing wrong with specializing and becoming expert at sublimating one thing,  but don’t forget that there are a wide variety of products out there that can be sublimated.  In 2012,  try sublimating something new.  You may discover another product line which can be added to your inventory.

Resolution 3:  I will publicize my sublimation services – Shops that do more than one thing,  embroidery and sublimation or silk screen and sublimation for instance,  may tend to publicize one thing more than the other.  Since sublimation can often be the add on service,  it may not get publicized as much, and that’s a shame,  because sublimation can be a real revenue generator.    If you’ve been considering sublimation as an add-on,  take a moment to consider all the products that can be sublimated, and how they could bring additional profit to your shop.   In 2012, make sure your customers know what you can sublimate and how inexpensive sublimated goods can be.

Resolution 4:  I will learn more about some aspect of sublimation and increase my skill level –  With all the resources available,  there is absolutely no reason not to learn more about sublimation.   Sawgrass Ink has an entire education section on their website.   Most of the larger trade shows feature seminars about sublimation.    Blogs like this one offer tips and tricks.   Even if you consider yourself a sublimation superstar,  there’s always something new to be learned.    Take advantage of the knowledge that’s available.

Whatever resolution you decide to make about sublimation,  or if you decide to make no resolution at all,  you can always be sure that EnMart will be here to help with your sublimation needs.  If you have any questions or need supplies,  just contact us,  we’ll be happy to help.