5 Tips for Speedy Holiday Ordering

While, for some people,  it has been the holiday season for quite some time already,  the official countdown to Christmas starts on the Friday after Thanksgiving.   If you’ve been making your gift lists and checking them twice,  you may have already purchased the supplies you need.   If not,  here are a few tips for planning your sublimation supply orders from EnMart.  These tips will help ensure that your supplies arrive on time and you can have your gifts completed, wrapped and under the tree long before Christmas morning.

Tip # 1:  All sublimation supplies currently come from Michigan –  Although we do have four locations across the United States,   all sublimation papers, inks, printers and blanks are currently shipped from Michigan.  Please factor shipping time from Michigan to your location into estimated delivery time when you place your order.

Tip 2:  Most orders turn same day if placed early enough – At EnMart we pride ourselves on same day shipment of almost all orders.  The only exceptions are orders for which items need to be created i.e. blank patches,  or orders which come in too late to make our shipment pick-up.    To ensure your order ships the same day you place it,  make sure it is placed early enough in the day to be pulled, packaged and picked-up.

Tip 3:  Sublimation blanks can be bought by the piece –  If you just need one piece of one of our sublimation blanks for a gift,  you can buy just one.   The only requirement is that your order meets the $25 minimum purchase requirement.   As long as your order is $25 or more,  you can buy one of any of the sublimation blanks we offer.

Tip 4:  Combo packages make great gifts – If you know someone who might want to get started with sublimation, one of EnMart’s sublimation combo packages makes a great gift.    We’ll even box everything up and ship it to the intended recipient’s address.    Please do keep in mind that combo packages supply everything needed to print a sublimation transfer.  If you want to sublimate an item,  you’ll need an item suitable for sublimation and a heat press as well.

Tip 5:   Ink prices will rise in 2012, so stock up on ink now – Ink prices are scheduled to rise in 2012,  so now is the time to stock up on sublimation ink.  As always,  EnMart offers free Ground shipping on all sublimation ink,  so now is the time to replenish your supply at 2011 prices and get free shipping.

Printers Vs. Packages

If you’ve ever shopped for sublimation supplies on our website (and if you haven’t, why not?), you may have noticed that we sell printers for sublimation separately,  and also as part of a combo package.    Unfortunately,  this seems to be a source of confusion for some people.    I thought I’d try and clear some of that confusion up by explaining why we sell printers separately, and what extra value a combo package can bring to the table.

First, why we sell printers separately.   Sawgrass only sells sublimation and ChromaBlast ink for certain makes and models of printers.     These printers aren’t necessarily special printers,  you could probably find most, if not all of them, at your local office supply store.   The reason we sell them here, separately, is because we sell everything related to sublimation,  and it wouldn’t make sense to have all the rest of the necessary items and not have printers.   Besides, printers do, on occasion need to be replaced,  or upgraded,  and having them readily available makes us a one stop shop for sublimation or ChromaBlast customers.

While I’m on this subject,  I do want to remind everyone that printers purchased separately do not come with sublimation ink.   The only ink that accompanies these printers is the OEM ink that was put in the box in the factory where the printer was made.  Please keep in mind that purchasing a printer separately with the intent of using it for sublimation or ChromaBlast will also require that you buy the proper ink cartridges.

Second,  why we offer a limited number of combo packages for sublimation and ChromaBlast.

When we first started creating the sublimation section, our intent was to have everything be “build your own”.  We would offer discounts and allow our customers to create the packages which suited them best.  Over time, however,  we realized that some printer models seemed to lend themselves to a package deal,  and creating a combo package made it easier for our customers to be sure they were purchasing everything that was needed.   We now have a limited number of combo packages available,  and still retain the build your own package discounts as well.  This allows our customers complete freedom in finding and purchasing the package that best suits their needs.

As always,  if you have any questions about which printer is right for you,  or about the perfect package for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We’ll be happy to help you find the solution that works best for you.