T-Shirts for Sublimation

When it comes to garments and sublimation,  many people still think of polyester they way they wore it back in the 60’s and 70’s.   Bright colored leisure suits,  shiny shirts with garish prints,  chemical clothes that almost looked like they could stand up on their own.   I grew up in the 70’s and my parents dressed me in some polyester nightmares,  so I know both how those clothes can look and feel.   They’re not very attractive and they’re not very comfortable.

Luckily for those people who sublimate today,  there are companies that have worked to make better, more comfortable polyester clothing.   Vapor Apparel is one such company.    They have worked to develop performance wear that is comfortable and durable, with trademarked moisture wicking technology.  Whether you’re simply wearing a sublimated shirt to be stylish,  or you want a shirt that will stand up to dirt, sweat and weather,  Vapor Apparel shirts combine both style and strength in one garment.

EnMart is proud to be a Vapor Apparel distributor.   We currently carry a selection of Vapor Apparel t-shirts, polo shirts and lady’s shirts.   New styles and colors are added on a regular basis.    EnMart has access to the entire Vapor Apparel catalog of products,  so if you find something on their site  that you don’t see on ours,  ask us about adding the item to our stock.   Our inventory of Vapor Apparel products is constantly expanding.


Summer Sublimation

It’s Summer in Northern Michigan which means it’s beach weather,  and picnic weather,  and hiking, biking and kite flying weather.  It is also perfect weather for summer sublimation,  or for sublimating items that people can use while they’re hiking, biking, swimming and all the rest.    If you’re thinking about how you can capitalize on the summer sublimation market,  here are a few ideas that might help.

Sublimated shirts –  We talk about it so often,  but a lot of people forget that sublimation ink dyes the fibers,  it doesn’t sit on top of the fabric like a screen-printed design would.    If the temperature is high, a performance apparel shirt that breathes and has a comfortable feel against the skin would be a great choice for wearing to the beach, on a hike or just around the house.   The light colors suitable for sublimation are also great colors for summer shirts.

Tags – Summer time is also travel time,  and whether that travel is for a vacation or for an away game,  everyone needs to have their baggage identified.   Luggage tags and sports bag tags are great ways to make sure the baggage for every summer excursion is clearly marked and ready to arrive safely at its destination.

Keeping Hydrated – Around here we have people hiking the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes and around the lakeshore,  and inevitably someone forgets to take water and ends up in trouble.   If they had a monogrammed water bottle,  there wouldn’t be any problem,  and all the hikers and bikers could have their favorite beverages with them on every trip.

Car Flags –  Summer is the time for driving with the windows down,  the music pounding and all your flags flying.   Car flags are a great way to show  allegiance to a particular team or cause,  and summer is the time to fly those flags!

Clipboards – For some reason,  every memory I have of summer camp features someone with a clipboard.  Whether it’s keeping track of bunk assignments or setting up the line-up for the big end of the week softball game,  every camp needs a clipboard or two.

Canvas bags –  Beach bags,  a bag to carry your produce home from the Farmer’s Market or the farm stand,  or a bag to carry your water and snacks while you watch a parade,  a sublimated canvas bag can come in very handy.   Corporations that sponsor events might also want to use these bags as giveaways to attendees.

If people having summer fun are part of your target market for your sublimated goods,  remember that your customers may not know what they need until you show them.  Remember also to think outside the box,  offering a unique keepsake for a festival,  or a fun item for a road race may be what gets you the sale.