CreativeStudio Software Suite

creative studioAs some of you already know,  Sawgrass has released a new line of sublimation printers,  the Virtuoso line.   There is a smaller printer,  which can do up to 8.5 x 14 out of the box,  and  a larger printer,  which prints 11 x 17 out of the box or larger sizes with the additional of  a bypass tray.   Along with the printers,  they have also released sublimation design software,  available online,  called CreativeStudio.

If you have purchased a printer,  or are considering purchasing a printer,  you may have questions about this software.   Here are some quick instructions for getting started with the software.

1.   Download,  install and register CS Print and Color Manager for Windows

2.   You will receive an account activation e-mail.  Once you have that,  log in to CreativeStudio.   Once you have logged in,  it is recommended that you complete the training exercises in the Tutorials.

Once you’ve followed these two steps,  you are ready to start creating.

Please keep in mind,  once you register for the CS Print and Color Manager,  you will receive two e-mails.   One is a Registration Code E-mail,  and the other is an Account Activation E-mail.   The Account Activation e-mail should arrive within two business days.   You will not have access to CreativeStudio until you receive the second e-mail.

You may also wish to register for a CreativeStudio orientation webinar or a CreativeStudio Q&A session.   Q & A sessions are happening at 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. EST on Monday, June 24,  Monday July 8,  Monday, July 22, Monday August 5, and Monday, August 19.   When registering for a Q&A session,  click on “Show my Time Zone” to choose the correct webinar for your location.

Health, Safety and Sublimation

One of the questions about sublimation I see popping up with relative frequency on forums deals with how safe the inks are to use.   Anyone who has worked with garment or promo product decoration knows that some of the chemicals used be breathing hazards,  have warnings against contact with skin,   or may become volatile when combined with other chemicals.  It pays to be careful and prudent when working with any dye, ink or chemical,  but how do you know what level of safety and care is necessary?

One way to know what precautions you may need to take is to read the MSDS sheets for the products you are using.   MSDS sheets for Sawgrass products are available on their website and listed in the technical support section.  The MSDS sheets will give you information on the chemicals involved,   what to do if the ink makes contact with the skin or gets in your eyes,   and how to handle the ink properly.    These documents may also be required by some of your customers, so it is always wise to keep copies on hand.

Another way to make sure you are using your ink and equipment properly and safely is to watch the videos about setting up your printer that Sawgrass has created.    These videos will help ensure that your system is set up correctly which means set up to be used safely.     You can also find troubleshooting tips which will provide assistance if your printer is having issues.

Finally,  if you’re concerned about health, safety and the environment,  you should know about Sawgrass’ Green Ink Statement.   Sawgrass sublimation inks qualify as “green” inks,  as they are water based,  and are thus better for the environment and, because they are VOC free,  better for the health of those who use them.    To learn more about why Sawgrass Ink qualifies as “green” ink,  you can download their white paper on the subject.

What We Use, What We Sell

Those of you of a certain age, what age I won’t say,  probably remember Victor Kiam.  Mr. Kiam was the owner of several things, one of them being Remington Products.  He was, for a time, the spokesperson for the company, and the slogan he used was “I liked it so much I bought the company.”  In its time, this slogan and advertising concept was quite popular, and it has been used since when companies want to signal that they really believe in the products and services they offer.

In the case of EnMart, we can’t say we bought the companies that design and manufacture the products that we sell.  Some, like Hilos Iris, or Sawgrass Ink, are companies with whom we work closely.  Other companies for whom we distribute products are simply that, companies who make the products which we sell.  Given that, we can’t really use the old slogan ourselves, since  it wouldn’t be strictly accurate to say we liked the products so much we bought the companies.  It would, however,  be strictly accurate to say we like the products so much, our company uses them.  It may not be as catchy a slogan, but it does have the benefit of being the truth.

Ensign Emblem, our parent company, creates sublimated emblems using Sawgrass Ink.  We work with the printers and sublimation paper we sell.  Were you to look, you could find the inks and papers being used by employees in our plants.  We sell the things we sell because we use them ourselves.  We know these products work.  They work for us every day.

As an advertising slogan “We like these products so much we use them every day” probably isn’t going to set the world on fire.   As a rationale for why you should purchase products from EnMart, however, it makes perfect sense.  Ensign Emblem, our parent company, has been creating sublimated emblems for years,  and was the first to bring inkjet sublimation to industrial laundries. In the time we’ve been working with sublimation, we’ve learned a little something about what products work and what products don’t work.  Now, through EnMart, you can make use of our expertise yourself and be confident that you’re getting products that will work well for your business.

After all, they work well for ours.