5 Reasons Not To Buy a Sublimation System

From the home office in Traverse City, Michigan.

Reason #1:  The start up costs are too low –  When you create a new profit center for your business,  you want to really need that new profit.  Let’s face it,  stress and the need to make payments are what make you work hard.   With sublimation system packages from EnMart starting at $399.99,  you can generate enough revenue to pay for your new system quite quickly, and there goes all your motivation.

Reason #2: The profit margins are too high –  When you purchase for pennies and sell for dollars,  the profits can pile up far too fast.  Once you’ve made the money,  you have to decide what to do with it.  Paying off loans,  adding to your work space,  buying new equipment,  the decisions could potentially be endless.  Who needs that kind of stress?

Reason #3:  Monochrome is less visible – Let’s face it, color is flashy.   All those colorful tiles, and plates, and jewelry boxes,  and mousepads will surely attract attention and draw people to your work.   The greater the number of people  who stop and see what you can do,  the more likely that some of them will become customers and there goes all your free time.

Reason #4 – You like a challenge – Basically, sublimation is create, print, press and you have an item to sell.  Where’s the challenge in that?  You’re the kind of person who likes to chat with tech support,  pore over manuals and spend hours tinkering with equipment and software settings.  There’s no victory in creating products easily.  It’s much more fun when you triumph over hard to use technology.

Reason #5 – There are too many product options – When your equipment, paper and inks can only be used on one thing,  you only have one thing to sell.   The array of products and garments that can be sublimated is virtually endless.   You’ll have to spend time deciding which products to sell,  investigating new products,  talking about all the cool products you can already make,  and then counting your money when you sell those products.   All that choosing and selling could be very exhausting.

Obviously,  the above is tongue in cheek,  but the points that it makes aren’t.  Sublimation is a relatively simple and cost effective way to add a new profit center to your business,  and if you aren’t currently sublimating,  it’s definitely worth a look.  If you’re interested in exploring your sublimation options,  contact us and we’ll be glad to help you find the system that’s right for you.