Technical Resource FAQs

Since we started offering sublimation supplies,  our customer service department has fielded a lot of inquiries from people who have questions about some technical aspect of their systems.   Since we answer the same questions a lot of the time,  I thought it would be useful to put our answers in writing so they can be found 24 hours a day,  7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Q1:  Is the necessary driver included with the printers you sell?

A:  Yes.  We include a CD containing the correct driver for the printer that has been sold with each order.

Q2:  My printer driver isn’t working.  Where can I get a replacement?

A: Sawgrass offers downloads of the latest Power Driver software for each printer on their website.  You can find and download drivers for either sublimation printers or ChromaBlast printers there.

Q3:  I’m not sure how to set-up and install my printer.  Can you help?

A: We certainly will be happy to help,  but we may also direct you to the installation videos on the Sawgrass website.  These videos offer step by step instructions and may be a better learning tool for some people.  Sawgrass offers vides for each sublimation printer model they support as well as for each ChromaBlast printer model.

Q4:  My workplace requires we have MSDS sheets for the products we use.  Where can I get MSDS sheets for the ink you sell?

A: Sawgrass has downloadable versions of the MSDS sheets for their inks available on their website.  You can find Sublijet MSDS sheets and ChromaBlast MSDS sheets there.

Q5:  I have a question about Sublijet or ChromaBlast ink that you haven’t covered.  Where can I find more information?

A: Sawgrass has an extensive FAQ section of their very own.    You can find Sublijet FAQs and ChromaBlast FAQs on their website.

Q6:  What if I still haven’t found the answer I need?

Let us know.  Our first commitment is always to customer service.  We’ll do our best to help you get the answers and assistance you need.