Sublimation Demonstration

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter,  you’ve probably seen that I’ve been making a bit of a fuss over the 2012 version of our trade show booth.   One of the fun things about doing shows is how our booth has evolved over time,  and how each evolution brings new ways to interact with trade show attendees.   We always try to do something new with the booth every trade show season,  and we also listen to suggestions from the people who visit our booth and try to incorporate those suggestions when we can.

One of the fun things we’re doing this year is bringing a George Knight DC 16 Combo Press to the show.   Before, in the booth, we’ve only been able to demonstrate sublimating flat goods.  This year,  with the addition of the DC 16 and the mug attachment,  we’ll be able to demonstrate sublimating mugs as well.    The mug attachment is actually virtually identical to the Geo. Knight DK3 Mug Press,  except the mug attachments uses the temperature controls from the DC16, instead of having individual controls as the DK3 does.

The press and the mug attachment will also be for sale as a demo model at a reduced price.  A savvy shopper could pick up the press and the mug attachment at a trade show and then add the other attachments for the press later.   Our trade show presses are transported safely and gently used,   so there is very little risk in buying a demo model.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the trade shows in March.  To keep tabs on where we’ll be and when,  you can always check the front page of our website for the latest information.