The Value of Attending a Trade Show

EnMart just finished a great weekend in Nashville at the NNEP Embroidery Mart.  It was a fantastic trade show and we were able to talk to a lot of people about sublimation and how it can be used.  The show was really fun and very informative, and it made me realize how valuable attending a trade show can be,  both from an exhibitor standpoint and from an attendee standpoint.   Particularly when you’re considering a garment decoration technique like sublimation,  attending a show and getting to see equipment and demonstrations and ask questions can save you a lot of time and money and anguish.  No one likes to purchase equipment that doesn’t suit their business and won’t be useful.  Attending a trade show can help you avoid those kinds of issues.

Although EnMart generally attends trade shows as a vendor,  I’ve certainly spoken with enough attendees to get a sense of the value that attending a trade show can provide.  I thought I’d remind everyone about that today by listing a few of the ways I believe trade shows provide value.

1. Trade shows let you see equipment and supplies up close and personal – Catalogs and websites are great,  but nothing replaces actually holding a product in your hand and seeing it with your own eyes.

2. Trade shows allow you to talk to vendors one on one – Granted exhibitor booths can be crowded and understaffed,  but almost every exhibitor will have some time where they can speak with you one on one.   If you have concerns or questions or just need guidance,  this one on one time is invaluable.

3. Trade shows help you sort out your requirements – Exhibitors have a vested interest in helping you find the equipment that is right for your business.  They know the questions to ask that will help you determine what you need.  They also know which equipment will best serve that need.

4. Trade shows also often offer classes or seminars – At the Embroidery Marts in Houston and Nashville,  Sawgrass Ink did a seminar about sublimation.   Other exhibitors held classes as well.   The classes give you an opportunity to learn a new technique or add a profit center to your business while learning from industry experts.

5. Everything you learn at a trade show is yours to keep – When you leave a trade show you should know more than when you arrived.  If you take the time to visit vendors and ask some questions,  you can learn a lot for only a minimal expenditure of your time.

My thanks to everyone who saw the value in trade show attendance and stopped by to see us in Nashville last weekend.  We had a great time there,  and we look forward to providing more value for our current and new customers at ISS Atlanta in September.

View a Live Demonstration

One of the questions we often get asked where potential customers can see a live demonstration of the sublimation or ChromaBlast process.   Of course, one of the things we plan to do is create videos that will demonstrate our products,  but we also know that sometimes nothing can replace an on the spot demonstration.

If you’re interested in seeing a live demonstration in the next few months,  your best best would be to stop by the EnMart booth at either Embroidery Mart East in Nashville or at ISS Atlanta.   Tom Chambers, our sublimation expert will be at both shows, and we will have a full set up,  with printers and heat press in our booth.  If you have questions or want to see the equipment in action,  visiting our booth is a great way to see a live demonstration and also a great time to ask your questions.   Tom is always happy to help customers find the system that will best suit their needs,  and to answer questions.  We will be in booth 401 in Nashville and booth 243 in Atlanta.

To keep up to date on EnMart’s trade show schedule,  you can always check the front page of our web site.  Up in the right hand corner of the site there is a box labeled 2010 Trade Shows.    This box is updated as we add new shows,  or are given our booth number for shows that are already listed.

If you would like to see a live demonstration and can’t make it to a show,  the other option would be to visit our corporate headquarters in Traverse City, Michigan.  This is where the management team is based, and where our sublimation demo room is set up.  Appointments for demonstrations can be made by contacting us and asking to be added to the demo schedule.  Demonstrations are set up based on availability of our sublimation personnel and as our trade show schedule permits,  and generally last about an hour.  As of right now, demonstrations are only available from our Michigan location.    If you can’t visit us in Michigan and you are unable to attend a trade show,  it may be possible to set up a demonstration through the account manager for your region,  but those demonstrations are rare and are set up on a case by case basis.

EnMart’s Summer Trade Show Schedule

It’s shaping up to be a busy summer for EnMart, and I wanted to let you all know where we will be in the next few months.  I know there are a lot of questions about both sublimation and embroidery out there,  and that sometimes the best way to learn and get answers is to talk to someone face to face.    Having that face to face conversation is part of the reason that EnMart exhibits at so many shows.    We like getting out and meeting our fans, friends and customers and we like sharing what we know in person rather than through blogs or websites or social media.

First up is the UFG World Expo in Orlando Florida.  EnMart will be in booth 1413.   This is the franchisee show for all EmbroidMe and Signarama franchisees,  so I hope you will all stop by and visit our booth and learn more about EnMart.  Since we sell embroidery thread,   sublimation supplies and ink for the Brother GT-541 printer,  we are essentially a one stop shop.    It will be worth your time to stop by and see what we have to offer.

EnMart will also be at NNEP’s Embroidery Mart South which we’ve taken to calling Embroidery Mart Houston.   We will be in booth 300, and we’ll be bringing the entire supply line along.  Our sublimation expert, Tom Chambers, will be at this show and will have a complete sublimation set up in the booth.  If you’ve been considering adding sublimation to your shop,  stop by this show and talk to Tom.  He and Wayne will be able to give you some great advice.

If you can’t join us in Houston,  our next stop will be Embroidery Mart East in Nashville.    We will again have the complete sublimation set up,  as well as a complete display of our other products.  Tom Chambers will be at this show as well,  as will our National Sales Manager, Tom Paquette,  and myself.   We’re looking forward to spreading the message that embroidery and sublimation can work very well together;  we can show you how.    We will be in booth 401 in Nashville.

Finally,  we’ll end our summer travels at ISS Atlanta.  Since we have now opened EnMart South which is in Atlanta,  this show is a chance to let people know that we’re right there in their own backyard.    We will be talking about sublimation and embroidery  as usual.    EnMart will be in booth 234,  so if you are attending ISS Atlanta,  please do stop by the booth and say Hello.

As always,  we will be offering show specials and deals at all the shows we attend.    If you’re going to be at one of the shows listed above,  please stop by and see us.  It will be worth your while.