Sublimation and Trade Shows

You may have noticed that this blog has been mostly silent for the last few weeks.  That’s because we were preparing for the first in a round of trade shows that started mid February and stretches across the entire month of March.    We started off at NNEP Dublin back in mid February, continued on through DAX Kansas City last week,  and will end our trade show run with ISS Atlantic City this week and DAX Minneapolis at the end of the month.

Doing trade shows is a lot of fun,  and one of the things that makes it enjoyable is getting to meet so many of our current and potential customers and to educate them about sublimation.   Some people we meet have never heard of sublimation and don’t even know what it is.   Others have some vague idea,  but need to know more about the process.  A few have done their research and are just looking for the right company from which to buy.    What ever stage of the process you’re in, EnMart can help.

If you come to visit us at an NNEP or DAX show,  we will generally have printers and a heat press in the booth.  We can do an on the spot demonstration for you,  and also show you some of the different printer options that are available.  Our sublimation expert, Tom Chambers, has also created a very helpful booklet that gives a lot of information about the sublimation process, and contains a comparison chart for all the printers available for sublimation.

If you’re considering getting into sublimation and you’re in an area where we will be exhibiting at a trade show,  please do stop by our booth.   We will be happy to spend the time it takes to help you find the system that will suit your needs and your budget.  EnMart also offers show specials at most shows,  and we generally have multiple printers in stock in the booth, so you can make your purchase and take it home with you,  which will give you a discount on the system and save shipping.

To see a list of the trade shows we will be attending,   please visit the EnMart homepage.  There is a widget on the righthand side of the page that lists the trade shows we will be attending.  Generally the list covers the next few months.   You can also find information about where we’ll be by following us on Facebook or Twitter.