Sublimation Hints and Help

Like most decoration techniques,  sublimation does have a learning curve,  although it’s considerably less steep than some other decoration options.   Still,  if you’re just starting out,  or even if you’ve been creating sublimated goods for a while,  there are probably things you don’t know that could help you create sublimated items a little faster and a little better.   Every once in a while we like to do a sort of round-up post where we list some sublimation hints and tips,  in the hope of assisting our customers in their quest for the best possible sublimated product.

Cool, man! A basic step in the sublimation process is letting items cool.   Make sure the transfer paper is removed quickly when the item comes off the press,  and make sure items are laid out separately and not overlapped when cooling.   An item like a sublimated mug can be cooled in a room temperature bucket of water.   Make sure the water is not too cold,  as that could cause the mug to crack.

Humidity is the Enemy! Moisture can make a mess of your sublimated supplies,  so it’s always good to make sure humidity is kept to safe levels.   Protect your sublimation paper from humidity by keeping it in a plastic bag,  or a resealable bin.   If you’re worried the paper you’re using is too moist,  set it on your press for a few seconds.  The warmth will help remove excess moisture from the paper.   The pre-press technique can also work for garments.   Also,  using a cover that absorbs moisture,  like newsprint, in place of Teflon can help eliminate moisture problems.   Just make sure to change out the absorbent cover sheet after every press.

The Heat is On! One of the most common issues that cause sublimation failure is a heat press that isn’t heating up to the correct temperature.   Yes,  the gauge may show the proper reading,  but the actual temperature of the press can vary widely.   Make sure to test the temperature of your press frequently,  using either a heat gun or temperature test strips,  to make sure the press is actually heated up to the required temperature.

Stick to It! Heat tape is probably one of the most underrated items in your sublimation arsenal,  but it’s a must have for every shop.   Use it to keep your transfers securely positioned on your blanks.   Make sure not to tape across the image area,  instead securing the transfers on the sides.    Another useful item is a strong adhesive tape,  which can be used to secure sublimated images onto things like pendants or belt buckles.

Primary Colors! Anyone who prints on an inkjet printer knows about nozzle checks,  but they might not be as familiar with primary charts.   A good primary chart will show solid blocks of color without any lines or gaps.   Running a primary chart and a nozzle check is definitely a good idea if you haven’t used your printer for a while.   For details on how to run a primary chart from your Virtuoso printer,   visit this blog post from Sawgrass Ink.


Purchasing Sublimation Blanks Your Way

Some of you, hopefully most of you, who read this blog may already know that we don’t make our customers purchase case lots of sublimated blanks.   If you need one or two of something,  you can buy one or two of something,  as long as your total purchase comes up to the site minimum of $25.00.   Our feeling has always been that trying a new product shouldn’t be difficult.   Many people are hesitant to try a new product because they’re worried it won’t sell and they’ll be stuck with a boxful of product that won’t move.  We take that worry away from you by giving you the choice of how many you buy.   There is no penalty if you want to buy only a few of an item.

By the same token,  we do want to reward those who wish to purchase larger quantities of an item.  Not having to break a case saves us time and labor,  and we like to pass those savings along to our customers when possible.  That’s why we have bulk pricing on a great many of the sublimation products we sell.  Bulk pricing is set up so that the more you purchase of a particular item,  the lower the price that you pay for that item.   You can easily see which products have quantity breaks by looking for the “qty breaks” link by the price in the product description.

Our goal has always been to offer top selling,  quick moving products to our customers.  We work with our suppliers to select the top selling products available.   This allows us to assure you that you’re purchasing the best selling, and best quality, sublimation blanks on the market,  products that should allow you to get the most profit and sales from your business.     Our pricing structure is also designed to ensure that you can purchase the blanks we offer the way you want and need to buy them.    If you’re trying something out and just need a few blanks to start,  we can help.   If you know an item is a top seller and want a lot, we can assist you with those orders as well.   Whether you’re looking for a few or a few cases,  you’ll receive the same top notch EnMart customer service and speedy shipping.

As always,  our goal is to help you get the most for your money,  and to allow you to try new products without committing to a large purchase.    We figure you’re the best judge of what your business needs, and our job is to make sure that you can purchase top quality supplies in the amounts that suit you best.