Top 7 Reasons (and 1 Bonus Reason) to Try Mpres Paper

UPDATE 02/23/2021:  MPRES is being discontinued by the manufacturer, and we will be switching to a different paper. As a result, we are no longer offering free samples, and 2 of the “reasons” in the article below have been removed. Once we run out of our current MPRES stock we will be selling a different paper product.  We can say that the new paper will be at least comparable to, or better than, MPRES, so you can purchase in confidence, and the price should be comparable too! And, thank you to all of our loyal users of MPRES paper over the years. 

1. Hybrid high release paper. Mprés releases more dye in less time onto the printable substrate than most other papers of this type for richer, deeper colors and better clarity.

2. Fast drying. Mprés dries almost instantly, eliminating any quality issues like tracking or smudging.

3. Universal sublimation paper. This paper works perfectly with any sublimation printing system including Ricoh and Epson, and any sublimatible material.

4. Print at multiple DPI levels.  This paper allows you to print at higher DPI levels (for use with ceramics, UNISUB materials, etc) and at lower DPI levels (emblems, mousepads, etc) allowing you to save ink.

5. Increased Productivity.  Mprés Paper requires less press time and dries faster than many other papers, and printing at lower DPI levels may also increase printing speeds.

6. First-Hand Product Knowledge.  We not only sell Mprés Paper, we use it ourselves every day.  We have the first hand product knowledge necessary to help our customers successfully use the product.