The Dye Sublimation Guide

One of the things that EnMart works to do besides, of course, providing great products,  is to help our customers use those products in the best and most profitable way possible.   That’s why we have this blog,  and that’s why we provide links to help materials on our website.  One of the links we provide in the sublimation section is to something called The Dye Sublimation Guide.   This guide was written by a gentleman called Peter Swain,  and it provides a number of helpful tips and hints and step by step instructions for sublimating various goods.    There is a lot of good information given in this guide,  and I thought it might be useful to spotlight some of it.

There is an entire section, starting on page 12 and going to page 32, on creating images.  If you want to know what types of image files can be used,  how to adjust your colors or how to create and edit images for transfer, this is the section for you.   Editing images properly can have a huge impact on your finished item,  so the time it takes to read this section is definitely worth it.

Beginning on page 33,  you can find instructions for sublimating many common types of sublimation blanks.   If you want to sublimate a t-shirt, the instructions begin on page 35.   Instructions for mugs or steins begin on page 37.   If you’re interested in mousepads,  you’ll find instructions on page 43.   Instructions for ceramic tiles begin on page 44.   The guide also provides instructions on making a tile mural.

It should be noted that this guide was written in 2006,  so it does not contain information on Ricoh printers,  nor does it cover the very latest editions of design software.  While the information provided in the printer and software sections may still be helpful to many people,  it is not necessarily the latest information available.   If you are looking for instructions on how to use a more recent version of a certain design software,  you may be better off looking at the website of the company that created the software.    You can find the latest information about the Ricoh printers on the Sawgrass website.

Overall,  The Dye Sublimation Guide is a very useful tool if you’re just starting out with sublimation, or if you’re trying to sublimate something which you haven’t worked with before and you need instructions.     A link to the guide can be found on the main landing page in the sublimation section of our web site.   Please feel free to download the guide and store it on your computer for future reference.