Sublimation for the Holidays

I know it’s hard to start thinking about Christmas when some parts of the country are still dealing with record high temperatures,  but now is the time to start thinking about what to offer your customers for the holidays.   Customers who are looking for new decorations or a unique Christmas gift may already have started early.   You need to have your stock in place now so you can fill those holiday orders when they come.

One perennial favorite for Christmas is, of course, ornaments.    EnMart carries round ornamentsoval ornaments and heart ornaments.   All are ceramic and suitable for sublimation.   They would be a great product to offer a customer who wants a personalized ornament,  or for someone creating a theme tree,  who may need ornaments all relating to a single theme.

Personalized mugs or steins can also be a great addition to the yearly holiday gathering.    Whether it’s a brunch with hot chocolate,  in which case personalized 11 oz. mugs would be a hit,   or a carol singing party,  with steins of hot cider at the end,   personalization can add that extra decorative touch.

There are also lots of great ideas for personalized gifts for business people.   A personalized business card holder is a classy way to carry cards without them getting smudged, wrinkled or lost.    Those who have a longer commute might appreciate a personalized travel mug.   A personalized message board could take pride of place in someone’s office.    Someone who is abandoning the briefcase might appreciate a personalized canvas bag.

Whatever sublimated items you decide to offer,  the trick is to remember that holiday gift giving and decorating is being planned now.  If you wait until Thanksgiving or the beginning of December you may miss out on potential holiday sales.  If you plan ahead and have a list of holiday gift ideas waiting for your customers,  you may find that your sales figures make it a very happy holiday season for your business.