SubliJet and ArTainium UV Ink: A Comparison

Anyone who has visited the EnMart website knows that we sell Sublijet ink.  What you may not know is that we have access to and can sell ArTainium UV Ink,  which is also manufactured by Sawgrass and is also suitable for sublimation.  Both inks can be used in the same types of printers and with the same sorts of substrates.  If you’re wondering which ink you should be using,  here’s a breakdown of some of the key features of each ink.

ArTainium Ink is only available for Epson printer models.    This ink delivers vibrant color and is perfect for professional photographers or anyone who needs precision and fine detail in the images they produce.   This ink is designed to interface with a variety of ICC profiles,  so it can work well in any production environment.  ArTainium Ink is a great solution for those who are familiar with and comfortable using design programs like Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator,  since ICC profiles must be used through one of these programs.   If you prefer to rely on your own color management rather than a print interface that manages color,  this ink is the one for you.  While EnMart currently does not stock this ink,  we do sell it and can stock it at customer request.  If you are interested in purchasing ArTainium Ink from EnMart,  simply contact us for more information.

Sublijet Inks are the inks that EnMart currently has in stock.  These inks come with Sawgrass’ PowerDriver Software, which guides users through the color management process.   Sublijet inks are a great choice for those who want a little more assistance with their color management, or perhaps aren’t as familiar with graphic software.    Epson printer users can purchase Sublijet IQ ink,  while Ricoh printer users can purchase Sublijet R.    Both inks are currently available on the EnMart website.

For more information on ArTainium UV inks and the SubliJet Inks,  please visit the following links:

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