In the world of garment decoration sublimation and embroidery rarely mix, except in the occasional shop and perhaps in an online forum.   There are very few suppliers who carry supplies for both embroidery and sublimation, while also having the expertise to help their customers excel with both disciplines.   One of those few is EnMart.

Founded by parent company Ensign Emblem, a supplier of embroidery and sublimation products to industrial laundries for over 40years, EnMart brings a wealth of embroidery and sublimation experience to the garment decoration community.   EnMart also has extensive connections among manufacturers and so is able to offer a wide variety of embroidery and sublimation supplies at very reasonable prices.

SubliStuff is EnMart’s sublimation blog and is where we will share our experience with sublimation and ChromaBlast.  Like its sister blog, Threaducate, SubliStuff is designed to educate, inform and entertain, while also keeping you up to date on the latest happenings at EnMart.

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