PD4-IconThose of you who sublimate are most likely familiar with the Sawgrass PowerDriver print and color management solution.   Sawgrass has now announced that a new version of the software,  Version 4,  is now available.    The new software is now available for both the Ricoh SG 3110DN and Ricoh SG 7100DN inkjet printers.

Version 4 of the software was developed after input from resellers and end users.   The new version is designed to improve the end user experience  and offers a higher level of performance.   The goal was to provide a product that supplied desired options and functions while still being easy to use.

PowerDrive Version 4 offers a variety of new functions that will be helpful to the end user.   These include:


  • Faster and easier installation
  • A simpler user interface
  • Advanced color controls
  • Pre-sets for common products
  • Pre-sets that can be customized by individual users
  • RGB color palettes for spot color matching
  • Multi-language versions and support

This new version of the software also contains a Resources Tab,  which provides link to helpful portions of the Sawagrass Ink website.   Through this tab you can access Technical Support,  Sawgrass Education,   and the Sawgrass website itself.

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