heartsIt’s already the middle of January and, before you know it,  Valentine’s Day will be staring you in the face.    Roses are traditional,  candy is dandy,   and jewelry or a heartfelt card may do the job,   but a special Valentine’s gift is something more personal.   Something,  if you choose, sublimated with a favorite photo or saying.   Something that’s clearly meant only for the recipient,  not mass produced in a factory.   Something, perhaps,  like the items below.

Call upon your Valentine’s individuality – Phones are the new place to display a little style and individuality,  and a sublimated iPhone case will let your Valentine do just that.   Instructions for personalizing the iPhone cases we sell are included on our website.

Keep memories and valuables close –  If you do plan to give jewelry this Valentine’s Day,  what better way to present it than in a personalized jewelry box?   You should also keep in mind that the boxes don’t have to contain jewelry.   Use a bigger keepsake box and collect favorite photos or mementos of special times together for a unique and special Valentine’s gift.

Give your Valentine the business – Maybe I’m the only one who thinks this,  but I’ve always thought business card holders were kind of classy.   For those with Valentine’s who are starting a new job or a first job,  a personalized business card holder would be a thoughtful gift.

Cook up some romance – Sometime the best Valentine’s gift is one that is both useful and attractive.   Now,  I’m not recommending a vacuum cleaner or something like that,   but a personalized cutting board or a set of plates sublimated with a special design might help turn up the heat a bit.

 Book some time for love – As a lifelong reader and book lover,  I always enjoy gifts that center around my love of reading.   I have a few personalized bookmarks that I use frequently.    I’m always on the lookout for that perfect bag to carry to used bookstores.  If you have a bookworm in your life,  a gift that celebrates their love of the written word may be just the thing.

Don’t forget,  Valentine’s Day can be profitable for sublimation businesses as well.   Keep this list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas handy, and share it with customers when they contact you.    Most people will pay well for a unique, personalized gift,  so don’t be afraid to suggest something unique for your customers’ Valentine’s Day celebrations.


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