customer service blocksWhen you ask someone why they buy from a particular company,  the answer you get may involve the selection of products a company carries,  or the fact that they offer low prices,  or perhaps the mention of a location that is conveniently close.   Different customers will make purchases for different reasons,  but one reason that many customers may not mention,  but which can do a lot toward making a customer devoted or departed,  is customer service.

If you are looking to improve your company’s customer service in 2014,  I’d like to share some things we’ve learned about good customer service as EnMart has grown.    Our goal is always to provide timely responses,  to make sure that the customer is satisfied and to help our customers learn and expand their own businesses.    Here are some reasons why we have these goals and some explanation of how we strive to meet them.

Tip 1:  Any response is better than no response,  but a timely response is best:  During normal business hours,  most inquiries about EnMart products and services are replied to within a few hours and some are handled within minutes.   On weekends and holidays the responses may take a bit longer, but we still try to make them as prompt as possible.  One comment we consistently get from our customers is “you responded to my question so fast”!  Quick responses allow your customers to get on with their business more quickly and also let them know you care about their questions and want to help. Even if you have to say no or cannot help with their request,  a timely response that says so and allows the customer to move on is better than no response at all.

Tip 2: Sometimes customers just need to vent:  An angry customer is often angry because something wasn’t as they expected and that’s thrown off plans they had for getting a job done and satisfying their customer.    Often,  in these situations,  the best thing you can do is just let the customer blow off a little steam.   This helps you understand what the dilemma is and can also possibly present you with a solution that will satisfy both parties.

Tip 3:  Share what you know:   Some people treat knowledge as a zero sum game,  thinking if they share what they know competitors will seize that knowledge and steal customers and market share.  In reality,  this rarely happens.   Sharing what you know can help build a customer base for your business and also help you form relationships within your community.    Your knowledge and expertise can have great value to someone just starting out or someone who is trying to learn something new.   Taking a moment to share what you know can have huge benefits for both those that learn from you and for you.



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