SantaMoney1-300x199The holidays are the time of year when people are not only looking for unique gift ideas,  they’re also looking for holiday decorations for their home and/or business.   Sublimation is a great option both for gifts and for holiday decorating,  as it offers a wide range of options and allows the creation of personalized items as well.    If you have a sublimation system,  you could end your year profitably by capitalizing on the holiday cash that’s waiting to be captured.   Here are a few ideas about how that can be done.

1.  Show examples –  If you have a brick and mortar store front,  decorate with your own personalized ornaments and other items.   If you sell online,  create a Pinterest board or an ideas page on your website which showcases the many sublimated decorating and gift options available.    Even if you have a brick and mortar store front,  I would recommend using Pinterest as well.   A simple search will show you a lot of people creating holiday decorating boards,  and they have to get the pins they’re saving from somewhere.  It might as well be your board of holiday decorating ideas.

2. Generate some publicity – Although gift guides are usually put together months in advance,  it’s always a good idea to search out any in your area or target market and see how you can get included.   If your market is local,  television stations,  regional magazines and newspapers are fertile ground for free publicity.  Come up with an idea for a short segment on unique decorating ideas for the local morning show,  or create a list of the top ten personalized gifts for the local paper.   Local media tends to like spotlighting local businesses,  and providing a seasonal bit of news will help both them and you.

3.  Push personalization –  When I was a child,  a mug with my name on it,  or a puzzle that showed a favorite photograph would have been a treasured gift.    Personalization doesn’t have to be confined to gifts, however,  it can also extend to home decor.   Who wouldn’t like a ceramic tile mural with a Christmas theme or a personalized plate to celebrate Baby’s First Christmas?   Remind your customers frequently that you can create unique, personalized items for a reasonable cost.

4. Don’t forget pets –  There’s many a Fido or Fluffy that has a gift under the tree on Christmas morning.   If you let people know that you can do items like pet tags and pet bowls,  that gift might well come from your business.

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