FM-Composite SMOne of the joys of working with EnMart is the fact that we get to deal with so many companies that are working to create new products for various decorating markets.  Sometimes,  the new products that are being offered introduce us to a new market,  which is always fun and exciting,  as it gives us a chance to learn about new decorating disciplines while also offering new products.

EnMart’s latest new product is FabricMaker,  a digital printing solution which combines professional pigment-based textile inks,  specially prepared 100% cotton 60×60 4.5 oz quilt fabric, and a range of printers.   The result of this combination is the opportunity to produce quality dye-fast fabrics in the comfort of your shop,  home or studio.     If you’ve ever longed for custom fabric you could print on your schedule,  FabricMaker is the perfect system for you.

Keep in mind,  this fabric is not hobby grade.  This is high quality, commercial grade fabric that is wash-fast,  color-fast and offers vibrant colors and deep blacks.    This fabric is also resistant to crocking,  so you won’t have to worry about dye transferring from your custom fabrics to other items.    If you’re looking to create heirloom quality items,  like memory quilts or Quilts of Valor,   FabricMaker will let you create personalized fabric that will remain colorful and unfaded through repeated washings.

EnMart is proud to offer the Quick-MakeR-1 FabricMaker package to help those of you who want to print your own fabric get started.   This package includes a Ricoh SG3110dn printer,   a complete set of the FabricMaker ink, 1 pack of 25 sheets of 8.5″ x 11″ FabricMaker 100% Cotton Quilt Fabric,  1 USB cable as well as color management profiles,  printer drivers and instructions on CD.   If you have an iron or a heat press and a graphics program of some time,  you can begin creating your own fabric immediately.

Fabric figures in so many things in our daily lives,  and many decorators,  including quilters,  use fabric to create not only art,  but also memories that will be passed down from generation to generation.   Memories,  art or simply something that keeps a child snug on a cold winter night deserve to be created with the best tools and products available.   We believe FabricMaker is one of those tools and we’re very excited to be able to offer it to you.


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