IMG_20130410_162617_212-2EnMart is proud to announce we’ve added a few new products to our sublimation blanks.   The first new product category is one I like quite a lot – tempered glass sublimatable cutting boards.   These are available in 8 x 11 and 11 x 16 flats and a 12″ circle.    These cutting boards have a full 100% sublimation surface area in white and rubber feet for added stability.  Instructions on how to sublimate the boards as well as information on settings for your heat press are included on the EnMart website.

I watched one of each size of cutting board being sublimated the other day and it’s quite easy to make a great item that looks terrific and unique.   You just need to print your transfer a bit larger than the size of the board and then sublimate as instructed by our guide on the website.  The finished product looks beautiful and is also useful.  I have to confess, I’ve been angling for one of the circular cutting boards to make its way to my kitchen,  but that hasn’t happened yet.

The other new product category we’ve added  is black rubber  iPhone cases.   These are another fabulous addition,  and the best part about them is that they’re made entirely in the USA.   If you have customers who are very firm about wanting U.S. made products,  these cases would certainly be an easy sale.  These cases are also antimicrobial,  so they’re great for cold and flu season.   Adhesive is pre-applied and the backing paper is easily removed.  The sublimation insert is high quality white gloss metal.  These look great and they’re made in the U.S.,  what more could be necessary?  Currently the iPhone cases are on backorder,  but we expect our stock to arrive very soon, so we are taking pre-orders for this item.

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