T’is now truly the season,  with Thanksgiving behind us,  for purchasing holiday gifts.  In all the drift of Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales,  there are people out there who are looking for something unique to give as a gift.   It could be something with a personal meeting for the recipient,  or simply something that is one of a kind that couldn’t be purchased off the shelf.   If you’re the owner of a sublimation shop,  this time of year can be a perfect opportunity.   People are looking for personalized and specialized gifts,  and you have the ability to offer them.   All you have to do now is let potential customers know what you can do.     Here are a few tips on how that can be done.

Tip 1:  Don’t neglect local media – Local newspapers,  magazines,  radio and television stations are always looking for stories,  and plan their holiday schedules quite far in advance.  Contact a local television station and offer to show off some great sublimated gift ideas on one of the local news broadcasts.   Do a press release or offer to write an article for the local paper about this great method called sublimation that can be used to personalize gifts.    Get creative with your holiday story ideas and approach the local media earlier in the year.

Tip 2:  Don’t neglect social media – Local businesses can use social media very successfully,  if they put some thought into who to follow and what to post.   Make sure to follow local businesses and local residents.    Ask your current customers if they’re on the same social media sites that you are,  and make sure to include your social media information on receipts and any brochures or flyers.  Once you have established a following,  make sure your feed is more than just a series of “buy my stuff” messages.   Use your feed to show off work you’ve done,  interact with customers and suggest ideas for holiday gifts.

Tip 3:  Create an idea center – Some customers will come to you knowing exactly what they want,  but others might only have a vague idea or no idea at all.    To help those customers see the possibilities,  create an idea center that showcases possible gifts.   It could be a binder with pictures,  or a portion of your shop wall that showcases actual items you’ve created.    The main point is to have examples that can help spark ideas.


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