Most everyone would probably like to attend a trade show,  but it doesn’t always work out that everyone can attend.  Sometimes the dates are wrong.   The location may be too far from where you are to make the trip cost effective or feasible.   The days the show is held on my conflict with your work schedule.   The cost may be more than you’re willing to spend.    There are a lot of reasons why attending a trade show on site may not work out for you,  which is why many companies are now moving to virtual trade shows which can be attended from the comfort of your own home or office simply by logging into the show using your computer.

EnMart is proud to announce that we will be participating in the Sublimation Expo,  held by Sawgrass Technologies, on November 13 – 15.   This is a virtual trade show,  which can be attended from your computer.     It looks and feels like the real thing,  if the real thing existed only in your computer.  There are company booths,  a lobby,  seminars,  demos and representatives from various companies available to speak with you.  The Sublimation Expo occurs in an virtual, interactive environment,  allowing you to attend from the comfort of your workspace using your computer.

Like a trade show held in a brick and mortar building,  the Sublimation Expo features seminars that can help you learn more about your sublimation,  your equipment and the best way to move forward.    If you’ve been looking for information that can help you take your busienss to the next level,  make sure to attend one or more of the available seminars,  and then spend some time visiting the exhibitors at the show.

Attending the show is free, all you have to do is register.    Use the promo code sublimation to get free admission.  If you do attend the show,  please stop by and see EnMart.   We look forward to seeing you all on November 13 – 15.



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