It seems like, every day,  I find out about another use for EnMart’s sublimated patches.  The latest use was revealed to me courtesy of a customer who asked some great questions,  and our tech staff,  who always have great and useful answers.   In this case,  the question was how to create sublimated patches that could be customized down to lots of one patch.   Say, for instance,  you wanted a patch to commemorate a scholastic award,  a sports achievement or an employee’s anniversary date with a particular company.   Obviously,  you don’t need more than one patch for the recognition of an individual significant event,   but it would be nice to have all the patches be tied together with a common theme.   That’s where EnMart’s sublimated patches and double sublimation comes in.

Double sublimation is the process, as the name implies,  of sublimating an additional image onto something that has already been sublimated.  In this case,  the patches could first be sublimated with a school or company logo,  a photo of a particular golf course or sporting arena or some image that would be emblematic of the event or venue.  The patches could then be stored until needed.    When an event occurred which needed commemoration,  the necessary information, award given,  score achieved etc., could be sublimated over the original image.    When finished,  you’d have a patch that had both a connection to the particular venue where the event happened,  and a unique record of the event to be commemorated.

The process of double sublimation is fairly simple,  but there is one vital thing you should remember.   When you do the second sublimation you will want to cover over the patch and your design with a sacrificial sheet (thin paper, tissue paper, etc) as re-heating the patch will allow some of the dye to leave the patch.   If that small amount of dye gets on your press head,  it will wind up on the next thing you sublimate.  The small amount of dye that will leave the patch the second time should not, however,  make a noticeable difference on the patch.

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