The EnMart website is constantly a work in progress.  We’re always tweaking things to improve our customer experience.  One of our most recent reorganizations has been to the sublimation blanks section of the website.   In the past our listings of blank products for sublimation were contained in one long category.  When we first started,  and carried a smaller array of products,  that arrangement worked fairly well,  but as time has gone on it’s become a bit cumbersome.  Clearly a reorganization was needed.

The sublimation blanks category has now been divided into subcategories by type of blank.  This means, for instance,  if you were looking for mugs for sublimation,  you’d click on the link for the drinkware category.    If you wanted sheet stock for sublimating your own nameplates,  then you’d select the sheet & roll stock category.   The idea is to group the blanks we sell into logical categories and eliminate the paging through and scrolling that was necessary in the past.

We have also updated our social media sharing feature for all EnMart products.  Now,  under the listing for each sublimation blank,  you will find icons for sharing that product on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.    Obviously,  we love it when our customers share what they’ve bought,  and also when they share with us and their friends and fans what they’ve created with the EnMart products they purchase.    Also, please feel free to let us know what you’ve done with our products on our Facebook page.

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