Note:  This post is the third in the series called the 5 Ws of Sublimation.  The traditional five Ws are who, what, when, where and why.    For the purposes of this series, however,  I’m changing the five Ws to who, what, why, which and when.   This post deals with why a business would want to add sublimation to their product offerings. 

Probably the biggest question we get from people who aren’t familiar with sublimation is that of why anyone would want to sublimate.   The easy answer would be that sublimation can add another profit center for a business,  and that’s a good answer,  but it’s not really a complete answer or the only answer.    If you really want to deal with the question of why a person or a company would want to add sublimation to their product offerings,  you have to examine the entire picture.   As I see it,  there are four main reasons why sublimation is a good idea for most decoration businesses.

Reason 1: Sublimation offers more options –  Most, although not all, decoration options seem to be about clothing or tote bags or hats.   Adding sublimation allows a business to expand to a wide variety of hard goods as well as offering the ability to decorate clothing and hats.    Sublimated products can open an entirely new market, or can serve as good add-ons for those companies that primarily order garments.

Reason 2: Sublimation has relatively low financial barriers to entry –  EnMart offers a basic sublimation package for $419.00 on our website.   Other sublimation supply companies may offer something similar. Granted that basic package has to be augmented with blanks for sublimation and a heat press,  but you can still start out with sublimation for a relatively small initial start-up investment.

Reason 3: Sublimation does not require a lot of extensive training –   If you can use a printer, a heat press and have some knowledge of graphic software,  you’re probably going to find sublimation fairly simple.  While there are manuals and videos and blogs like this one that offer tips and advice,  in general you don’t need extensive training to operate the equipment necessary for sublimation.     Creating designs and printing goods is generally fairly simple as well.  There may be some trial and error at the beginning or when attempting to sublimate a new item but, in general, sublimation is fairly easy to master.

Reason 4:Sublimation is less harmful than the inks and materials used in other decorating disciplines – Sawgrass sublimation ink is considered “green” ink and, as such, is less harmful to the environment or the people that use the ink.    While it is not recommended, simply for common sense reasons, that you sublimate products in the same oven where you cook your family’s dinner,  in general sublimation residue and fumes are considered to be non-toxic.


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