As most of you probably already know,  Valentine’s Day is coming up next week.   If you sell any sort of gift items,  or if you simply want to make a Valentine’s Day gift for someone you love,  sublimation offers lots of options.     The best part about a sublimated Valentine’s Day gift is that it can also be made personal,   which may well give it more meaning for the receiver.   If you’re looking for some ideas for Valentine’s gifts to sell in your shop,  or an idea for a gift for your own Valentine, here are some thoughts.

Remind your Valentine they always have your heart with heart coasters or heart ornaments.

If your Valentine has just gotten a new job or a promotion,  celebrate by giving him or her a personalized business card holder.

Create a great gift basket for the coffee or tea drinker in your life.  Buy that person’s beverage of choice and top the whole thing off with a personalized mug.

If you have a favorite vacation memory or a photo that holds special meaning,  put it on a jigsaw puzzle.  Once the puzzle is put together, you can shellac it and frame it and hang that special memory on a wall.

A jewelry box is always a great gift.   Especially if there’s something special and sparkly inside it.

If you and you Valentine have a favorite beverage you like to share,  create a personalized beer mug or shot glass.  Add a bottle of your preferred beverage and you have a lovely gift.


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