As I sit here and watch the snowflakes drift past my window,  it occurs to me there are a lot of products that can be sublimated and are also suitable for winter.    There are, of course,  mugs for hot cocoa, coffee, tea or maybe a toddy of some sort to warm up after a session of snowblowing or a snowball fight.  There are specially shaped ornaments for holiday sublimation (a heart for Valentine’s Day perhaps).   If you have a really big blizzard and get snowed in,  there’s always a jigsaw puzzle to keep you entertained.   Those are some standard products,  but there are also some more unique things that can be sublimated and added to your inventory of winter fun.

If keeping everyone snug and cozy is on your winter agenda,  then you should check out the fleece scarf and fleece ear wrap from Vapor Apparel.    They also offer fleece blankets or large panel throws which would be perfect for cold winter nights or for keeping warm at a sporting event.  All these items are performance apparel and suitable for sublimation.   While EnMart does not carry these items in our standard stock,  we can get them should anyone wish to place an order.

It’s also good to think outside the box when considering winter items that could be sublimated.   Some snowmobile covers are made out of 100% polyester, so that might be a good product if you live in an area where snowmobiling is popular.    Many snow tubes are also covered in polyester, and would be a great sell for any resorts or parks that deal with winter sports.    There are also things like boots that may have polyester components.  You may have to do some searching,  but most winter related clothing items probably have a poly option available.

The main thing to remember is that while each season has its own unique clothing and accessories which might be suitable for sublimation, there’s one place that’s always suitable for purchasing sublimation supplies and that’s EnMart.   We offer a unique combination of good prices, product knowledge and sublimation experience,  which means that not only will you get a great bargain on your purchases,  you’ll also have support available to you.

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