Since EnMart has been selling sublimation supplies,  we’ve helped start a lot of people start their journey toward creating a viable sublimation business.  It’s always fun to hear the excitement in our customers’ voices when they buy their system,  or to see their faces when they carry a QuickStartR package away from our trade show booth, but it’s also a bit frustrating.   As excited as people can be when they make the initial purchase,  many people can be intimidated by sublimation once they’ve gotten their purchases home and started to set up production.    The initial excitement becomes concern.


“What if I don’t format the artwork correctly?”

“What if my color settings are off?”

“What if I don’t secure the transfer properly and the paper moves?”

“What if my time, temperature and pressure settings aren’t correct?”

Sublimation isn’t complicated,  but there are things that need to be understood and done correctly in order for goods to be sublimated properly.    It can seem intimidating.   Sublimation inks are an investment.   Sublimation blanks and paper cost money as well.   No one likes to waste supplies or waste money, and some people are so paralyzed at the thought that they might that it becomes a struggle to even set things up to start sublimating.

The thing is,  sublimation doesn’t have to be intimidating.  All you have to do is realize one simple thing,  at some point you will screw something up,  it’s inevitable.    It could be a temperature variance in your press.   You might miss a setting on your color management software.  You might press something for more time than recommended.   Something, at some point, will happen.  That’s why EnMart includes things like practice fabric with our packages.  Mishaps and mistakes happen to everyone,  beginners and seasoned pros alike, and practice is what helps keep the mistakes to a minimum.

Once you’ve made your peace with the idea that you will,  at some point in your sublimation career,  screw up a transfer, or sublimate something upside down,  or have color issues or whatever the problem may be,   you can move on to the fun part,  the times when you get things right.    For every mistake  there will be hundreds of products you sublimate beautifully which go on to be products you can sell proudly and profitably.    If you focus on that instead of on the idea that you might make a mistake,  you’ll find that sublimation becomes fun  and relatively easy.

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