I got a call from a customer today who was just starting out with her sublimation system and was feeling as though she was lacking instructions.   That call started me thinking that there must be other people out there, just starting out with sublimation,  who are unaware of  some of the resources that are available to help beginning sublimators.   While it stands to reason that those unaware of sublimation resources might also be unaware of this blog,  I still figured a post which points out some of the main resources available could be helpful.

One great resource is the Dye Sublimation Guide.   This walks you through how to get started,  gives you tips and instructions on sublimating specific items, and provides lots of helpful pictures.   If you learn best through the written word,  this is a great resource,  and something that, at 62 pages, is not to large and could be printed out and kept on your desk or work bench for instant reference.

Another terrific resource are the how -to videos that Sawgrass Ink creates.   These videos give you step by step instructions for sublimating many common items.   Sawgrass also has installation and set-up videos for each printer on their website.  These videos will help ensure that your printer is set-up properly and all the necessary software is installed.   You can also access a selection of the Sawgrass videos at the EnMart YouTube channel.

For those who like feedback or who want to ask a specific question,  a forum can be a great resource.   Two very useful forums are T-Shirt Forums and the Apparel Decorators Forum.   Either forum will provide a database of knowledge and a lot of helpful people who are happy to answer questions.    If you’re looking for tips or advice,  the forums are a great place to ask questions.

Finally, Sawgrass webinars are another great sublimation resource.   These webinars cover a variety of topics,  everything from how to make money in a particular market to how to sublimate a particular item.  Most webinars are also recorded so they can be viewed later as webcasts on the Sawgrass website if you can’t view the webinar live.

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