Since I live in the state from which both the Tigers and the Lions hail,   and since both are having good seasons,  I thought it might be a nice day to write about sublimation and sports memorabilia.   We all know that sports fans love their shirts and flags and other items,  and sublimation is a great way to create those items.    Before you start sublimating anything, however,  you need to make sure you have the proper permissions.  The logos and names of the various teams are owned by the teams or the league, and as such may not be used without permission.  This means you need to purchase your logos from a licensed seller who authorizes resale,  or you need to approach the league directly.   Here are some links where you can find more information about obtaining licenses.

NFL Licensing Information

MLB Licensing Information

NBA Licensing Information

NHL Licensing Information

NASCAR Licensing Information

Collegiate Licensing Company (college sports)

Once you’ve obtained the proper permissions and licenses,  it’s time to start creating your products.    We all know t-shirts are one great way to show support for your favorite team.    Mugs would be another common item of sports memorabilia,  and certainly everyone has seen a car flag or two flying in tribute to a favorite team.   While all these items are common, there are other items that can also be sold to sports fans.

First, let’s not forget women,  who make up an increasing percentage of sports fans.   Shirts fitted for women’s bodies would be a great way to sell sports themed apparel to women.    Jewelry boxes with a logo from a favorite team would also be a great gift for a female fan.    There are also things like sublimatable earrings or pendants which might well be good sellers with the female fan base.

Second, of course,  are novelty items.   Maybe a jigsaw puzzle of a favorite team logo.    Perhaps a heart shaped coaster or ornament to help symbolize the sincere love a fan has for a favorite team.   A bag decorated with a team logo would be a great gift for the fan still in school.

Almost any item that can be sublimated could also make a great gift for a sports fan.   The main thing to remember is that team logos and slogans are all copyrighted and you should make sure you have the proper permissions before creating anything sports related.

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