At least once at every trade show we do we’ll ask someone if they’re interested in sublimation and get the response, “Oh no,  it looks too complicated.”  or some variation.   Because sublimation is used to decorate garments and poly coated substrates,  some people tend to think it’s some arcane and mystical procedure that’s too complicated for the average decorator to master.  In reality,  nothing could be further from the truth.  If you’re willing to spend a little time experimenting,  and you can accept the idea that there may be some failures before success is reached,  then you’re perfectly qualified to take up sublimation,  and I’m guessing you’ll find it’s not intimidating at all.

The first reason sublimation is not intimidating is that it uses a standard inkjet printer.   Pretty much everyone in today’s world has used a printer,  and the printers for sublimation are just like the ones you could buy at your local office supply store.  There are no extra parts,  no magical additions,  it’s just a printer.   Plus,  if you do have issues with set-up, Sawgrass Ink offers installation and set-up videos that can help.

The second reason sublimation is not intimidating is the variety of help that is available to those who are new to sublimation.  Sawgrass Ink has a blog.  There’s the blog you’re reading now.   We also provide tech support,  as does Sawgrass.   If you get stuck,  have a question or just feel lost as to how you should proceed,  there are resources available to help you solve the issue you face.   All you have to do is ask for help.

The third reason sublimation is not intimidating is the fact that you can use graphics software you already own to create your designs.   There is software specifically for sublimation but,  if you are familiar with Corel Draw or Adobe or any graphics program,  you can search out free templates and create your designs with the software of your choice.   If you’re not familiar with any graphics program,  there are a variety of classes available that can teach you to use these programs.

The fourth reason sublimation is not intimidating is the fact that there are a variety of step by step videos to walk you through the process of sublimating a particular item.    EnMart has favorited some of these videos on our YouTube channel.   Sawgrass offers a variety of how to videos as well.   If you’re uncertain about how to sublimate flip flops or mugs or shirts,  you can find a video that will guide you step by step through the process.

Like many things,  sublimation can appear a bit intimidating at first,  but it’s really much simpler than it seems.   As I wrote back in April of 2010,  sublimation really can be as easy as create, print, press.  Sublimation can also be a great source of additional revenue for your shop.    If you’ve been considering sublimation,  but thought it was too complicated, take a moment to look at all the resources available to you.   I think, once you’ve seen what’s out there,  you’ll find you’ve changed your mind.



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