One of the questions about sublimation I see popping up with relative frequency on forums deals with how safe the inks are to use.   Anyone who has worked with garment or promo product decoration knows that some of the chemicals used be breathing hazards,  have warnings against contact with skin,   or may become volatile when combined with other chemicals.  It pays to be careful and prudent when working with any dye, ink or chemical,  but how do you know what level of safety and care is necessary?

One way to know what precautions you may need to take is to read the MSDS sheets for the products you are using.   MSDS sheets for Sawgrass products are available on their website and listed in the technical support section.  The MSDS sheets will give you information on the chemicals involved,   what to do if the ink makes contact with the skin or gets in your eyes,   and how to handle the ink properly.    These documents may also be required by some of your customers, so it is always wise to keep copies on hand.

Another way to make sure you are using your ink and equipment properly and safely is to watch the videos about setting up your printer that Sawgrass has created.    These videos will help ensure that your system is set up correctly which means set up to be used safely.     You can also find troubleshooting tips which will provide assistance if your printer is having issues.

Finally,  if you’re concerned about health, safety and the environment,  you should know about Sawgrass’ Green Ink Statement.   Sawgrass sublimation inks qualify as “green” inks,  as they are water based,  and are thus better for the environment and, because they are VOC free,  better for the health of those who use them.    To learn more about why Sawgrass Ink qualifies as “green” ink,  you can download their white paper on the subject.

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