When it comes to garments and sublimation,  many people still think of polyester they way they wore it back in the 60’s and 70’s.   Bright colored leisure suits,  shiny shirts with garish prints,  chemical clothes that almost looked like they could stand up on their own.   I grew up in the 70’s and my parents dressed me in some polyester nightmares,  so I know both how those clothes can look and feel.   They’re not very attractive and they’re not very comfortable.

Luckily for those people who sublimate today,  there are companies that have worked to make better, more comfortable polyester clothing.   Vapor Apparel is one such company.    They have worked to develop performance wear that is comfortable and durable, with trademarked moisture wicking technology.  Whether you’re simply wearing a sublimated shirt to be stylish,  or you want a shirt that will stand up to dirt, sweat and weather,  Vapor Apparel shirts combine both style and strength in one garment.

EnMart is proud to be a Vapor Apparel distributor.   We currently carry a selection of Vapor Apparel t-shirts, polo shirts and lady’s shirts.   New styles and colors are added on a regular basis.    EnMart has access to the entire Vapor Apparel catalog of products,  so if you find something on their site  that you don’t see on ours,  ask us about adding the item to our stock.   Our inventory of Vapor Apparel products is constantly expanding.


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