EnMart often gets questions about whether or not Sawgrass’ printer drivers can be used with a Mac.   At times, we’ve had to say no, or suggest workarounds in answer to that question.  Today, however,  I have a different response to that question.  Sawgrass has just announced the introduction of Sublijet-R and ChromaBlast-R solutions for the Ricoh GX7000 and the Ricoh GX e3300n which run on the Mac OS.

The center of this new solution for Mac users is MacProfile.  This is an easy to install, unique color management software bundle that assists with product registration.  MacProfile also includes a custom ICC profile, a custom Palette Swatch Library and custom Proof Palette.   This new solution is compatible with popular Mac OS design software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.   The software will also give users flexibility,  as it offers rich, vibrant color over a wide variety of images and substrates.

MacProfile also comes with Sawgrass’ Palette Swatch Library and Proofing Palette.  The tools can be used for precise color matching.   The Palette Swatch Library is a a selection of preset color which are suitable for creating designs which are intended to be printed using Sublijet-R or ChromaBlast-R ink.   The Proof Palette allows creation of a color swatch booklet, which can be used as a reference guide to see how colors will look once they are pressed.

Mac users can find more information about installing and using the MacProfile software on the Sawgrass website.   You can download MacProfile from the Sawgrass site as well.

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