Every once in a while we get a call from someone who is trying to make the decision between buying a ChromaBlast or a sublimation system.   Sometimes they aren’t really sure what the difference between the two types of systems actually is, and other times they’re looking for a specific benefit that will help sell one system over the other.   If you’re attempting to make a decision between ChromaBlast or sublimation,  here are a few things to consider before you make your choice.

First, let’s start with the most basic difference.  ChromaBlast works with cotton substrates and sublimation works with poly substrates.   The ink formulations will only work with the proper substrate, and work best on items that are not blends.   Sublimation ink actually dyes the substrate,  ChromaBlast has a carrier film which bonds with the cotton fibers.  Both offer vibrant, clear color.

Second, let’s talk about what you can imprint.   Sublimation inks allow you imprint both garments and poly coated items like mugs and mousepads and license plates.   Those who use ChromaBlast ink  are generally going to be more interested in decorating garments.   ChromaBlast works with cotton,  which extends into t-shirts and aprons and bed linens and other items of that sort.   There are no hard goods that can be used with ChromaBlast.

Third,  keep in mind that switching inks in one printer is not recommended.   If you can’t choose and you want to both sublimate and print ChromaBlast transfers,    your best bet would be to buy one printer for each type of ink.    EnMart offers both our QuickStartR package and our ChromaBlast package precisely for people who are in this sort of situation.  The packages are very reasonably priced,  and would allow you to be able to print both ChromaBlast and sublimation for under $1000.

Fourth, it should be said that neither printing process, sublimation or ChromaBlast,  will allow you to print on dark garments.    Regardless of whether you choose to sublimate or print with ChromaBlast ink,  you will be printing on light colored garments and/or light colored hard goods.   If you are looking to print on dark garments,  you either would need to purchase light colored polyester fabric sheets which could be sublimated and heat sealed to your garment, or you might want to investigate direct to garment printing.

The main thing to remember is that either system, ChromaBlast or sublimation,  is a viable option for expanding your business and creating a new profit center.   If you want more information about sublimation and ChromaBlast as profit centers,  check out this video on EnMart’s YouTube channel.    While you’re there,  take a minute to subscribe to the channel as well.

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