Whenever I write about helpful websites or useful information for those who sublimate,  one of the companies and sites I often mention is Sawgrass Ink.   I tend to mention Sawgrass because (1) EnMart is a distributor of the sublimation and ChromaBlast ink they make and (2)  they know what they’re doing when it comes to sublimation and ChromaBlast.   They also put out great educational materials.  One of their latest offerings is Sublimation 101:  The Complete Guide to Sublimation Printing.

Now, when Sawgrass says a complete guide,  they aren’t kidding.   They cover everything from the history of sublimation, to color management to working with graphics to the sublimation process.  They also include an extensive section on how to sublimate many of the most popular sublimatible goods.    This is a terrific resource,  and well worth downloading.

One of the best sections, in my opinion anyway,  is Chapter 9.  This is the section that walks you, step by step,  through the process of sublimating some of the most popular sublimatible items.   If you’re interested in sublimating performance wear,  coated metal,  mousepads or ceramic tiles,  you’ll find this section very helpful.   Actually, if you want to sublimate anything, you’ll find this section very helpful,  as there is a helpful dye sublimation quick reference guide at the end of the chapter.

To download your own copy of Sublimation 101,  simply visit the Sawgrass website.  You will be asked to register with the site before you proceed with your download but, in my opinion anyway,  the registration is a minor price to pay for the information you are being offered.    If you’re just starting out in sublimation, this guidebook will be invaluable.   If you’re experienced with sublimation,  you will also find tips and tricks that will help make your sublimated goods that much better.    This guidebook is definitely worth a look and a download.

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