It’s a well known fact,  among those who know us anyway,  that EnMart doesn’t generally do sales and special offers.  A lot of the reason we don’t tend to do a lot of sales is because we’ve structured our pricing so that our regular prices are reasonable and we also offer quantity discounts so the more you buy, the more you save.    We’re also a bit wary of sales because everyone and their brother already offers sales on a regular basis.   If everyone else is doing something,  it’s usually a better strategy to try and stand out in another way,  so we concentrate on speedy order fulfillment,  responsive and experienced customer service and an easy to use web site.    So far,  near as we can tell anyway,  that seems to work.

Still,  every once in a while a customer says to us that it would be great if we offered free shipping on something,  or a discount on a high dollar item.     We always keep those suggestions in mind and, on occasion,  the stars align and we can satisfy one of those requests.    The proper alignment of the stars happened recently, and we are now offering two specials on sublimation supplies:

Special #1: If you need a heatpress, this is the special for you.  EnMart is offering a DK20S, a 16 x 20 manual swinger heat press, for $1255 + $95 flat rate shipping anywhere in the lower 48.   This is a great press and very durable,  plus Knight has a terrific customer service program.   If you’re looking to upgrade your press, or to buy a new press you can use for years and years,  this special is a great opportunity.

Special #2: – One of the things we get asked about a lot is offering free shipping on our ink products.   We have, for a limited time,  made that happen.  Order any sublimation ink product from EnMart and get free ground shipping on your order.   This offer has a limited duration,  so stock up now!

If you want to keep up with whatever special promotions EnMart is offering,  one way to do that is to read this blog.  Most specials will be announced here.  You can also keep track of what’s happening at EnMart by following us on Twitter or liking our page on Facebook.  While you’re there,  you can also join our mailing list.   Most sales and specials are announced by e-mail as well.

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