SubliStuff was born in January of 2010, so we’re coming up on the first birthday of the blog.  Now, I know,  blogs can’t really be said to be born, or to have birthdays,  but when you write for a blog day after day and week after week,  they do start to feel a bit alive.   Someone once characterized a printing press for a newspaper as a sleeping monster that always needed to be fed,  and blogs feel a bit that way as well.   Even after you’ve just written and published a post,  you know that you’ll need to write and publish another one tomorrow.  The blog is never satisfied,  and it always wants to be fed more words.    Here are some of the best words this blog got fed this year.

One of my favorite series on this blog was the “Get Started with Sublimation” series.   This series led you step by step through getting your shop set up for sublimation.    It covered everything from finding a market to selecting your printer and heat press.    If you are new to sublimation,  this series is a great place to start learning more.

Another of my favorite set of posts was our two part series on sublimation paper.    Written by our sublimation expert,  Tom Chambers,  the series detailed the series described the different types of paper and the pluses and minuses of each type.    If you don’t know much about sublimation paper,  this is the series for you.

This year, we had a customer ask us what the difference between ChromaBlast and other decoration methods was, and the answer resulted in a long,  but extremely informative post on the subject.     The post details the differences between ChromaBlast and other garment decoration methods,  and also discusses the strengths and weaknesses of each method.   It is a very helpful aid if you’re trying to decide which printing method is right for you.

We also did some “How To” posts this year.    We covered how to sublimate a shot glass.  We also covered how to sublimate a tileMugs were also included in our how to sublimate series.

Finally,  the best posts we did this year,  at least as far as I’m concerned,  are the ones where we spotlighted something our customers had done.   George Rivas from Preteejustees showed us how to preserve precious family memories.  Ken, also known as Cochise on the ADF forum,   led us through the process of using polyester fabric patches to sublimate garments that otherwise couldn’t be sublimated.   It’s always fun to find a new use for an existing product and to learn something new.

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