Some of you may already know that, almost every Friday,  I do a round – up post on the EmbroideryTalk blog.  In the post I spotlight items from other blogs or sites that I’ve found helpful or enjoyable in the past week.    I’ve been wanting to do something similar for this blog,  but there aren’t a lot of blogs out there about sublimation.   So, until I can build a blogroll of sublimation blogs,  I figured I’d do the next best thing,  and point out some sites that could be helpful and some things that I find interesting.

The first thing I wanted to point out today is the fact that Sawgrass has a newsletter.   It appears to come out twice a month.  There are a lot of good hints and tips included in this newsletter,  so it would be a good thing to subscribe to if you sublimate.  Since we’re discussing Sawgrass, I also wanted to point out the technical help portion of their website.  If you need printer drivers or are having issues setting up your printer,  this is the place to go for help.

Second up today,  since we’re speaking about technical help, I wanted to point out the technical help portion of the Rowmark website.    If you use MATES or any of the Rowmark products that EnMart sells,  this is the place to go if you’re having issues.    The have MSDS sheets, troubleshooting guides and more.

Third on the list today,  if you’re new to sublimation or looking for people with whom you can exchange ideas,  forums might be a good place to share information.    Two forums that I like quite a lot are the Apparel Decorators Forum and T-shirt Forums.   Both forums are great communities which offer a wealth of information and support.    I would also recommend the Small Business Forum if you’re looking for a place to discuss running a business.   This is another forum that has a great community and a lot of good advice.

Fourth in my box of suggestions today are some blogs that I think are generally helpful if you’re running a business.  Some are decoration related,  and others are more about business in general.   If you’re looking for some blogs to read that will help you grow your business and learn more about marketing, social media, blogging and decoration, I’d check out the following:

I’m always eager to add more blogs to my list.  If you read a blog that you think is a good one,  which I haven’t mentioned,  please do share the information with me.

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