One of the fun things about sublimation is that it allows you to be creative.  There are a wide array of products that can be sublimated and if you use a little ingenuity,  you can add even more items to the list.    Take, for instance,  dark garments.   We all know sublimation ink is only suitable for printing on light garments,  which would seem to indicate that putting a sublimated design on a dark shirt would be an impossibility.   The impossible becomes possible, however,  when you consider sublimating a large patch or square of polyester material and heat sealing it to the garment.   Suddenly, any dark garment can be sublimated.

Publicizing your sublimation business is another way to think outside the box.  Instead of handing out standard business cards,  hand out bookmarks or key chains sublimated with your company information.  A mini license plate may be another good business card substitute.   If you’re attending a Chamber of Commerce event or any type of business gathering,   a business card substitute that showcases your work and stands out from the pack can be a very useful tool.

You should also remember that the publicizing of your business doesn’t have to stop with the business cards you hand out or the clothes you wear.   As many people who work with vinyl can attest,  your car can become a roaming billboard for your business.     A personalized license plate can advertise your company name and URL.     A car flag can make a very eye catching banner advertisement for your business.  Even your car keys can advertise what you do.  Create a unique key chain and watch people ask what you do every time you pull out your keys.

Finally,  don’t forget that sublimated goods also make great client gifts.  Sublimate a pet bowl with your client’s company logo and fill it with candy or nuts.    Create a personalized canvas bag for a local boutique.    Present your best customers with a great customer award using a sublimated plaque.   There are a variety of items that can be made into unique and fun client gifts,  which will not only delight your clients but serve as a great advertisement for your business.

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