When you’re first starting out with sublimation or ChromaBlast,  it can seem overwhelming.  There’s so much to learn that it’s hard to know where to start.   From simple things like the time and temperature at which certain blanks should be pressed to more difficult issues like sublimating a particular item,   it can be easy to get so lost in the forest that you forget the trees even exist.  If you do find you need a bit of direction,  EnMart is here to be your guide and to point out some items that may be helpful as you find your way.

The first item I wanted to mention is the Sawgrass HTV series.  The How-To Video (HTV) Series features a variety of videos  created by Sawgrass experts in which they sublimate various goods.  From flip flops to signs to photo panels,  these videos provide instructions on sublimating a wide number of goods.  As a side note,  make sure and pay attention to the heat press that is used in the videos.  If you check out the heat press section of our web site,  that press may look familiar.

Another helpful resource,  at least for those who attend trade shows,  is the seminars that Sawgrass presents.   These seminars are in-depth examinations of a particular topic, and topics may range from sublimating goods, to finding a market for your products,  to running a business in general.    Sawgrass maintains a complete list of the seminars they are offering and the shows where the seminars will be offered on their web site.    If you will be attending any of the listed shows,  attending the Sawgrass seminars may be worth your while.

Finally,  I should mention the webinars and that are offered by Sawgrass.   These webinars each deal with a particular topic and are all centered around topics that will be helpful to people who are using sublimation or ChromaBlast Inks.   Best of all,  if you miss a scheduled webinar,  you can view it later as a webcast at your convenience.   Right now, I’m thinking the webinar on innovative products for the holiday season would be a great webcast to watch.   You do need to register to view the webcasts,  but you only need to register one time,  and once you’ve done that,  you can view the webcasts any time and as many times as you wish.

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