When most people think of sublimation,  they probably think of car flags,  or t-shirts or coffee mugs.  All of those things are fun to sublimate but decorating those items is not the only use for sublimation technology.  Another use for sublimation is in the area of home decor.  If you, or your customers are looking for a way to create a unique accent piece for your space,  sublimation may just the thing for which you’ve been looking.

One sublimation blank that is very useful for creating unique and exciting accent pieces is the glossy ceramic tile.   These tiles can be used to create a mural,  a backsplash or a table.    The use of sublimated tiles on the outside of buildings is also becoming more popular.   Many restaurants and stores are turning to those who are experts in preparing sublimated goods to withstand sun and weather exposure when they want a unique decorative accent for their retail space.     Tiles can be used as a terrific decorative accent in a variety of places,  just make sure you know how to prepare the tile properly so it will withstand the use to which it will be put.

Drinkware and dinnerware is another place where your unique decorating style can come to the forefront.  From specially designed beer mugs for the rec room bar to a set of plates that are sublimated with the family crest or some other significant design,   it is quite simple to create a unique decorative accent for your dining room or bar area.   Add a sublimated tile trivet or some sublimated place mats and you can create a unique and unified decorating scheme for your dining room or kitchen area.

When it comes to decorating,  we also shouldn’t forget the potential of sublimated fabric.   Sublimate an artistic design on a length of fabric, or make a quilt from individual sublimated quilt squares and you’ve created a unique and relatively inexpensive wall hanging.  Sublimate enough fabric and you can upholster a coach or chair.  Sublimated fabric can also be used to create table cloths or table runners.

We also shouldn’t forget the use of sublimation when it comes to holiday home decor.   Sublimated ornaments are a terrific way to create a Christmas tree the invokes special memories.   With the choice of roundoval or heart shaped ceramic ornaments,  you can create a Christmas tree that is specific to your holiday traditions.   Special shapes like dog bones,  stars, bells or snowflakes  allow you to align the subject of the sublimation with the shape of your ornament.  Sublimation allows you to take your holiday tree decorating far beyond color lights and balls.

Please keep in mind that  you should always make sure any sublimated home decor items are handled properly and treated properly to withstand frequent use.   Some items may not be dishwasher or washer safe,  other items may need to be coated with a laminate to ensure they will  not be scratched.    Not all sublimated items are suitable for frequent handling,  so check with the manufacturer or distributor to ensure you know how the item should be treated and handled so that the colors stay true and bright and the item stays unscratched and undamaged.

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