This is the time of year when it seems there is a holiday just around every corner.  First we have Halloween,  then Thanksgiving,  then Christmas and Hanukkah and then into the New Year and Valentine’s Day.   The holidays offer a lot of gift giving opportunities,  and a lot of opportunities for selling sublimated goods.  If you own a sublimation business,  getting creative with your sublimation blanks can offer a lot of opportunities to make a sale.

One big seller for the holidays,  of course,  is ornaments.  EnMart offers 3 ornament shapes on our website and we have access to additional shapes as well.  If you’re looking for a particular ornament shape and don’t see it on our website,  please contact us.   It is likely we can obtain ornaments in the shape for which you are looking.

If you’re thinking more about Halloween items,  one thing that should be considered is dog tags.  Parents might feel safer about their children going trick or treating if the child was wearing a dog tag with basic contact information.   Even though most parents accompany their children,  kids do stray.   Sublimation will allow you to easily personalize a tag.

For Valentine’s Day,  the perfect gift could well be a personalized jigsaw puzzle.   Creating a jigsaw puzzle with a picture of a favorite place or which commemorates a shared experience  is a lovely way to preserve a treasured romantic memory.   A jigsaw puzzle would also be an innovative way to propose marriage.

There are, of course,  a lot of items that would make great holiday gifts.  Sublimated coasters could make a great thank you gift for the hostess of a holiday party.   Stainless steel travel mugs are perfect for anyone who has people who commute to work every day on their gift list. A keepsake box is perfect for treasured mementos or for holding jewelry or other small items.    These boxes  would also make a great memory gift for a parent who has a child that is going to college or making some other major move away from home.  The box could be personalized with a favorite photo and filled with items that would commemorate special times in the lives of both the child and the parent.    Personalized pet bowls are great gifts for any pet lovers on a holiday gift list.

A gift that is personal and meaningful is always appreciated.  Through the use of sublimation,  you have the ability to offer that personalization to your customers.    This holiday season,  don’t just sell products,  sell the preservation of memories and the uniqueness of personalized gifts.

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