If you run any sort of business,  you know that one of the main things you need to do is keep your name in front of potential customers.    The more people who see your name the more likely it is that some of them will remember it and call you when they’re in need of the services you offer.    The problem is that keeping your name in front of your potential customers can be a challenging and sometimes expensive task.    What you, and your customers who run their own businesses, need is a relatively easy and expensive way to make sure your logo and business name are seen consistently, without spending a fortune to make that happen.   Fortunately for you,  and your customers,  sublimation is already a part of your business life.

If you want to keep your business name in front of potential customers,  one way to do it would be to sublimate that name on a t-shirt or polo shirt.  If you come up with a unique graphic and/or a cool slogan for your business,  complete strangers will advertise your business and pay you for the privilege of doing so.    There are reasons why restaurants and a lot of other shops have their employees wear garments with the company logo and name on them.  One, of course, is to make employees easily identifiable and to promote unity.  Another equally valid reason, however, is that every employee walking around in a company shirt is an advertisement for the company.

If you need temporary identification and advertisement,  say if you’re selling items at a festival or fair, or exhibiting at a trade show,  or if you want to identify individuals as part of a group,  but don’t want the cost of buying garments,  another great way to create a walking billboard is a name badge.  A sublimated name badge is a great method of identification and the larger sizes have room not only for a name but for a company logo and slogan as well.  Best of all,  name badges are temporary and can be removed once the event is over.

Let’s not forget that many people who work for your company,  particularly if they travel,  may carry bags or luggage on a regular basis.  If you don’t tag those items with some kind of company identification,  you’re missing a great chance to advertise.   Luggage tags can be sublimated and added to any kind of bag that needs to be easily identified.   The tags serve a dual purpose in that they make the bag easily identifiable as well as creating an identification with your business.

Finally,  we can’t neglect to mention the granddaddy of all walking billboard creators,  the sublimated emblem.   A sublimated patch is basically like putting a full color advertisement on an employee’s garment.  Since sublimated patches can be created using photographs,  you can put intricate artwork and logos on the patches.     These patches are also durable and hold their color,  so your walking billboard will be bright and eye catching for a long time.

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