Those of you of a certain age, what age I won’t say,  probably remember Victor Kiam.  Mr. Kiam was the owner of several things, one of them being Remington Products.  He was, for a time, the spokesperson for the company, and the slogan he used was “I liked it so much I bought the company.”  In its time, this slogan and advertising concept was quite popular, and it has been used since when companies want to signal that they really believe in the products and services they offer.

In the case of EnMart, we can’t say we bought the companies that design and manufacture the products that we sell.  Some, like Hilos Iris, or Sawgrass Ink, are companies with whom we work closely.  Other companies for whom we distribute products are simply that, companies who make the products which we sell.  Given that, we can’t really use the old slogan ourselves, since  it wouldn’t be strictly accurate to say we liked the products so much we bought the companies.  It would, however,  be strictly accurate to say we like the products so much, our company uses them.  It may not be as catchy a slogan, but it does have the benefit of being the truth.

Ensign Emblem, our parent company, creates sublimated emblems using Sawgrass Ink.  We work with the printers and sublimation paper we sell.  Were you to look, you could find the inks and papers being used by employees in our plants.  We sell the things we sell because we use them ourselves.  We know these products work.  They work for us every day.

As an advertising slogan “We like these products so much we use them every day” probably isn’t going to set the world on fire.   As a rationale for why you should purchase products from EnMart, however, it makes perfect sense.  Ensign Emblem, our parent company, has been creating sublimated emblems for years,  and was the first to bring inkjet sublimation to industrial laundries. In the time we’ve been working with sublimation, we’ve learned a little something about what products work and what products don’t work.  Now, through EnMart, you can make use of our expertise yourself and be confident that you’re getting products that will work well for your business.

After all, they work well for ours.

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