Every once in a while I get the urge to do a sort of round up post to highlight some items that may not be worthy of an entire post of their own,  but are still interesting or important enough to warrant a mention.  Because I’m a fan of alliteration,  I like to do these posts on Monday,  so I can call them Miscellany Monday posts.   Plus,  the start of the week seems like a good time to tie up any loose ends so we can move on through the week unencumbered.

One thing I wanted to mention on this Monday is our Vapor Apparel T-shirt Fabric rolls.   Most people already know that we sell Vapor Apparel garments,  but they may not be aware that we sell the Vapor Apparel fabric by the yard as well.  This fabric yardage is great for those who quilt or for someone who wishes to create their own entirely sublimated garment.    It is also a great option if you’re just starting out and want to purchase some fabric on which you can practice.  Fabric is sold by the linear yard.

Another fun item for Miscellany Monday is our polyester machine embroidery thread.  Like anything that is 100% polyester,  our machine embroidery thread can be sublimated.    It is theoretically possible to embroider a design into a polyester garment using polyester thread,  and then sublimate over that design.  The result would be a 3 D look,  with the thread taking on the dye from the sublimation ink and becoming part of the sublimated design.   I’m hoping that we’ll be able to try this here soon,  because I think it’s fascinating and would be a great technique for unique quilts or shirts or tote bags.    I just thought I’d throw the idea out there in case anyone else wanted to give it a go.

I also wanted to take a moment today to mention digital pyrometers and how handy they are.   One of the most common problems that those people who use a heat press have is a temperature readout that might differ from the actual temperature of the press.   The best way to determine the actual temperature of  your press is to use some type of heat measuring device.  For some people that is a infrared reader, which uses a laser pointer,  but is not always accurate.  A better option is a digital pyrometer,  which provides temperature information based on surface contact,  not on infrared readings.   If you’re looking for fast, accurate information about the actual temperature of your heat press,  a digital pyrometer is the way to go.

Finally, I wanted to direct your attention to our brand spanking new Locations page.   Currently all sublimation related items are stocked in our Michigan location,   and this is the location where sublimation demonstrations occur.  If you are in the area and would like to pick up sublimation supplies or see a demonstration of sublimation equipment,  simply contact us and we’ll be happy to schedule your visit to our facility.  Once your visit is scheduled,  you can use the handy features on our Locations page to find your way to our facility quickly and easily.

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